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Stoked to share my book on Fatherhood.

The heart of man must REBEL against the view that our actions have little impact, together we will CREATE lives engaged in mastering the Craft of Fatherhood.



Wow! The book launch and Father's Day Weekend kick-off was such a blast thanks to everyone who came to celebrate.

Hi, I'm Ned

Rebel & Create are words I live by.

Today I'm 35, I've been married for almost 15 years, and have five kids...yea we're planners.  I want to make the world a better place, always have, I really love people.  I believe the communities of our world have potential to experience more joy, love, peace, fun and adventure.  From my perspective the problem is a lack of men, where are all the good men at?  If  men were engaged, especially men who have found themselves as fathers and husbands I believe we would experience more.  I have found my purpose and my life's fullment through the way of Fatherhood.  



On April 15th 2015 I started sending a weekly text on Wednesdays to all my friends.  We were all too busy to meet for a weekly hangout, but we all had time for a 20 second text that kept us connected through encouragement, quotes, scripture and humor.  The text is for men and it is geared towards men who have found themselves working, married, with kiddos.