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I grew up with a burning desire to make a difference in the world.  I felt I had a purpose, and I was supposed to figure out what it was.  During my 20's I started many different ventures in hopes that one would land that gave me a sense of purpose and significance.  Some of the projects I started were: clothing companies, coffee roasting, non-profit youth programs, skate parks, and on the list goes.  All were fun but where I found success financially providing for my family was in a normal day to day job, selling insurance, not sexy.  But many of us men find ourselves in a job that we never dreamed of but it works.  It helps us provide for our family.

This book Rebel and Create is about my story of looking for purpose.  

To think I almost missed the most incredible call on my life.

To be a Father.

Rebel and Create is about finding our call, our purpose in Fatherhood.

I believe the world would be a better place if more men embraced their call to Fatherhood.



REBEL against a status quo mediocre life.

CREATE a life of fulfillment & purpose.

Pursue mastery in your CRAFT of Fatherhood.

Present in the moment, reflective on the past, aware of the future; all in order to create a LEGACY that goes beyond your life.


Enjoy the fun & messy ADVENTURE of Fatherhood.

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