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Valiant Coffee

Erik Werner is a father who is open, honest, and engaged in the adventure of fatherhood.  His craft is coffee but his love and pursuit of life starts in his home.  Erik was on episode 53 of the Fatherhood Field Notes podcast.  Ever since I heard his story, his passion, and his openness about life I have done my best to support him and his incredible coffee brand.  

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Possessing or showing courage of determination.


The core of this company will always be tied to the wonderful people involved in its development. We are navigating our way through this wide world of specialty coffee.  We are committed to curiosity, integrity, and honesty. And while we love coffee and the science behind it, we value relationships even more.  

The relationships built within our team and with you, our customers. We are excited to share some stellar coffee with you and hope you enjoy your experience.

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Fatherhood Field Notes

Podcast Episode 53

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